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  1. To request to access the library and archives of the U.P. Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center, please send a formal request letter and email it to Address your letter to the museum curator. Indicate the topic of interest or purpose of your visit/research.

  2. Check the availability of the date and time in the calendar and then choose a preferred schedule of your visit.

  3. Appointment/s should be made at least two days in advance during office hours.

  4. Wait for the final confirmation and approval of your preferred date via email. Make sure that you provide us your email address when booking for available date/s.


  1. Entrance fees shall be paid upfront at the Lobby. Please bring a copy of the confirmation email and your ID to be presented to the museum staff or guard in-charge.

  2. Do not bring food and drinks in the library and archives

  3. Observe frequent sanitation and handwashing.

  4. Accomplish the health screening form for visitors. available at or you may scan the QR code found in the Home page of this website.

  5. Bags are not allowed in the library and archives. You may bring valuables, writing paper, pencil, and laptops/tablets.

  6. Flash photography is prohibited. Taking picture is allowed as long as the photo will be used for reference, and for personal and educational purposes only.


Please allow our guards to inspect your bags or any hand carry materials before you leave the museum.

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